FEB, 2014 – THE COUGAR OF COMEDY™ has been given a monthly den hosting Comedy Night at Azul, Palm Springs. 6:30 Dinner & Pre-Show/7:30 Show. Call for reservations: 

Upcoming dates: 







TUES 11/5/13 @ 8:00 – Come have some sake and see what’s under my leopard skin kimono at TORO Sushi Bar Lounge, Pasadena. Dinner seating at 6:30; show at 8:00. for dinner reservations or call (626) 792-8676.

WED 9/18/13 @ 8:30 – Cougars and Kittens Competition, Gardenia Lounge Hollywood:  Watch as the cougars mud wrestle, jello wrestle, pillow fight, tickle, scratch (and your other twisted fantasies) the kittens for the coveted win.  RAWWWR!  $5 on my guest list.  Two drink minimum.  GET TICKETS!

WED 9/11/13 @ 8:00 – Vargus Mason Presents:  The “Hot Girls of Comedy” Show.  $10 to beat the heat…and other things!  2 drink minimum.  The Comedy Store Hollywood.  Click here to get advance tickets online at The Comedy Store!

THURS 8/1/13 @ 10:00 – R Rated Edgy Sexy Comedy, MBar Hollywood. Watch me get rude and mostly crude with a bunch of chicks and Chad Ridgely. ($5 at the door gets you a happy ending from Chad.) GET TICKETS!

WED 7/17/13 @ 8:30 – Cougars and Kittens Competition, Gardenia Restaurant & Lounge: Join me as I host the very first competition that got me into stand-up. (I am forever grateful to my agent, Theo Caesar, for giving me the kick in the pants to get me on the prowl 😉 GET TICKETS!

SUN 7/14 @ NOON – 8:00 – Bastille Day LA, Kenneth Hahn State Recreational Area: So honored to co-host this event with my talented friend, Franck Amiack! American wildlife is invading France 😉 RAWR!

WED 7/10/13 @ 8:00 – Geezers Lounge Lizards and Studs, Gardenia Restaurant & Lounge: Join me as I prowl around the male version of the Cougars and Kittens Competition for some boy toys. RAWWWR!

WED 7/3/13 @ 8:00 – Shah Abbas, Beverly Hills: No cover. No drink minimum. Free valet. Free me (for 20 minutes; $0.99 per minute thereafter; other usage rates may apply). Seating is at 7. Show begins at 8:30. GET TICKETS!

FRI 6/28/13 @ 10:00 – MBar, Hollywood: For $10, I will make you holler! $10 food or drink minimum. 18+ (DID SOMEONE SAY UCLA FRAT BUS?!) GET TICKETS!

THURS 6/13/13 @ 7:30 – GOT MILF?! Leche Lounge at Malo, Silver Lake: Where the comics “milk” it. Stand Up Comedian, Tammy Jo Dearen returns to Malo with LA’s hottest comedy night. Join Tammy Jo and friends who have been seen on Comedy Central, Showtime, HBO, NuvoTV, Conan, Letterman, Leno and more. Tammy Jo Dearen’s shows at Malo are legendary for high profile performers and audience members. We expect standing room only with the launch of Leche Lounge con Los Comicos~$10 COVER. NO FOOD OR DRINK MINIMUM. PURCHASE ONLINE. WILL SELL OUT! GET TICKETS!

FRI 5/31/13 @ 7:00 – 1AM – Montrose, Minnesota Fundraiser: ATTENTION MINNESOTA HUNTERS: It’s COUGAR SEASON! Hosting fundraiser with band Sweet Siren. Montrose Community Center, 200 Center Ave. S., Montrose, MN 55363. GET TICKETS!

THURS 5/16/13 @ 10:00 – Soul Comedy Lounge, Melrose: Watch Jillie Get Her Groove Back! Sal’s Comedy Hole @ Vienna Cafe, 7356 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90048. $10. No drink minimum, but she’ll make you thirsty. GET TICKETS!

MON 5/13/13 @ 8:00 – The Comedy Store, Hollywood: $5 All You Can Drool! GET TICKETS!

FRI 5/10/13 @ 10:00 – Duna Comedy Lounge, Melrose: 10 minute speed date. Boys between 21 & 21 strongly encouraged! GET TICKETS!

THURS 4/11/13 @ 9:15 PM – Flappers Burbank: Watch Lisa Sundstedt’s Pretty, Funny Women (including yours truly) strut their stuff and other junk.

WED 3/13/13 @ 7:30 PM – The Palms Bar WeHo: I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours at at “Riot!” No drink minimum.

TUES 3/5/13 @ 8 PM – Trip Santa Monica: All Female Stand-up night at the Kristi Mc U Laff Show. No cover. No drink minimum.

MON 2/11/13 @ 9:30 PM – Universal Bar & Grill: Watch me perform lewd acts in public (the valley doesn’t really count) at The Perry Funny Show.

FRI 1/25/13 @ 8 PM – The Comedy Store Main Room: My brother will be in town, and I may have to get revenge for all those years he picked on me as a freckle-faced kid with a bad perm at The Nappy Fro Show. (I can almost smell the tears and laughter.)

MON 1/14/13 @ 8PM – The Comedy Store Main Room: My guests are free, just like my beers when I wear a skirt to the bar.

SUN 1/13/13 @ 9 PM – Universal Bar & Grill: Now that I’m not annoying you with Vikings tweets, come watch me tell some funnies for Sunday Funday at The Perry Funny Show.

WED 1/9/13 @ 10 PM – Flappers Burbank: See me in skin tight animal print. RAWR!

THURS 12/6/12 @ 7:30 PM – Pig ‘N Whistle Hollywood: Come watch me tell filthy jokes and hog tie naughty men.

MON 11/26/12 @ 8 PM – The Comedy Store Main Room: Instead of buying Snuggies online for Cyber Monday, come see me. I’ll keep you warm & fuzzy!

FRI 11/16/12 @ 8 PM – The Comedy Store Main Room: I’m Doing the Comedy Store Main Room. Well, I’m not really DOING the entire Main Room, but it’s 1st come 1st serve.

THURS 11/1/12 @ 8 PM – Flappers Burbank: Please come see me and the other Pretty, Funny Women. We’ll be picturing you all of you naked (the men anyway). Haven’t you always wanted 10 women to picture you naked?