Jillie Reil is a stand-up comedian as well as an actress, model and writer. Known as THE COUGAR OF COMEDY®, she regularly takes the stage at The Comedy Store, The Improv, Flappers and various venues throughout Southern California in addition to guest hosting events and radio programs throughout the United States.

Jillie was raised in rural Delano, Minnesota by parents who met in a candy factory after leaving their family farms. They joke that Jillie got her sweetness from their union. Jillie could always make people laugh and used this talent early in life to amuse family and friends. She was affectionately nicknamed “Silly Jillie” and “Spilly Jillie” for her goofiness and clumsiness.

Influenced by her big brother and being a true adventurer at heart, Jillie enjoyed many tomboyish pastimes, including riding snowmobiles, motorcycles, quads and jet skis, driving pick-up trucks, boating and ice fishing, playing hockey and golf, and watching sports. Nonetheless, her desire for creativity remained strong. Jillie was elected danceline captain, choreographing routines for the team and performing at high school sporting events and competitions. Along with an affinity for writing, she also dabbled in modeling as a teenager.

After high school, Jillie turned her attention to intellectual goals and went on to spend 15 years in real estate development and corporate law as she began pursuing a business career while obtaining an education at night. She graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in Organizational Management & Communication and an A.A. in Paralegal Studies, eventually holding acquisition management roles within land development companies.

Growing restless in Minnesota, Jillie eventually moved to San Diego to enjoy the beautiful coastal weather while continuing her career in real estate and studying law. However, the bright lights of Hollywood a few hours away lured her back to her childhood dreams. Jillie switched gears and began attending Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles on the weekends to somehow become involved in the industry. As fate would have it, on her second makeup artist job, Jillie was asked to be the runway model instead. Fashion, spokesmodel, runway and print work ensued shortly thereafter, which lead into local news and radio appearances, commercials and short films. Jillie fell in love with comedy and acting, and a year later, left her cherished beachside apartment for Hollywood to pursue her true passion in entertainment.

Jillie has also appeared in feature films, television shows, sketch comedies and theatre. She often plays quirky characters such as Cheryl, the ditzy sidekick to the twisted plastic surgeons in the Universal Pictures feature comedy Hole in One (known as American Pie 8 internationally), Yoni, the frigid tantric yoga instructor in the sitcom pilot “Yoga Madness,” and Roxanne, the porn star with a heart of gold in the Jerry Zucker/TBS sketch pilot “National Banana.” Jillie’s current projects in development include the comedy feature Chasing José and the Angelic Pictures’ feature films La Migra and Fearless.